Use Therapy to:

  • feel better
  • answer questions
  • improve relationships
  • release fear, guilt and shame
  • find hope and inner peace
  • chase (or find) your dreams
  • create safety and security

A good therapist helps you uncover your inner strength. She helps you figure out the answers to your problems.

We face our issues most effectively when we feel supported, appreciated and understood. I help you find the courage to tackle the tough stuff. It’s easier to change when you are aware of your strengths as well as your weaknesses.


There is an answer...

When we are most agitated, our feelings and thoughts are all jumbled together – a mess of pain inside of us. Therapy organizes our thoughts and feelings, making it easier for us to see our options.

Therapy teaches us about our behavior and the behavior of others. New information clears up misunderstandings. When we see the whole picture, we can make choices to bring us the results we desire.

Therapy generates new options and possible solutions. Whether your problems are big or small, we all have the right to make the most of our lives.

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Who is the expert on you?

Despite my training and experience, in the final analysis, you are the only one who knows what is really right for you. We will use your feelings, instincts, beliefs and goals to help you create your best life. I will give you advice based on my training and experience but I always defer to you for the final answer on the choices that are really best for you.

Thank you for visiting my website. Contact me with any questions that might help you decide if I am the right therapist to help you and your loved ones.